About the Fort Harrison Reuse Authority (FHRA)

The Fort Harrison Reuse Authority (FHRA) is a special purpose unit of government created to revitalize the economy following the closure of the Fort Benjamin Harrison Army Base in 1995. The FHRA was established by IC 36-7-30 in 1995 for the “planning, replanning, rehabilitation, development, redevelopment, and other preparation for reuse of military bases and military base property” as this is a “public and governmental function that cannot be accomplished through the ordinary operations of private enterprise.” According to the statute, the property boundaries for the FHRA lie in a special taxing district or TIF “for the purpose of levying and collecting special benefit taxes for reuse purposes.”  Unlike other TIFs, the FHRA TIF is indefinite and to be used to benefit the public health and welfare. (see IC 36-7-30-9)

In 1999, the City of Lawrence, Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development and the FHRA developed a Master Reuse Implementation Strategy to document steps necessary to consistently redevelop the property. A wide range of interests was considered during the formation of this original reuse plan. The planning process considered the many other diverse interests that were already invested in the reuse community

about.jpgThese included:

  • The local retired military community and recognition of its contribution to our national defense and its reliance on the facilities and services at the Fort.;
  • The surrounding neighborhoods that are directly affected by the reuse of the base;
  • The historical and environmental preservation and conservation interests; and
  • The local business and commercial interests affected by the closure and that are dependent upon the successful implementation of the plan.

In 2006, the FHRA adopted a Master Plan and Planned Unit Development (PUD) for Lawrence Village at the Fort to redevelop the last remaining acreage on the original base.